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Central Region

The central part is a very mountainous area. During the colonial and republican periods this region became the mining centre of Honduras and the Central America colonies with its deposits of gold, silver and other precious metals. Culturally, was the centre of convergence of the pre-Columbian cultures in the Maya and non Maya areas. Moreover, the main centres of population of the colonial period, Comayagua and Tegucigalpa, were and are still in this region.

Its productive activities are concentrated in agriculture. It also has an extensive forestall reserve. Mountains of medium altitude averaging 1400 metres above sea level dominate the topography of the region. The area create a pleasant, cool climate during most of the year. The supply of services, tourist substructure and telecommunications is well conditioned. Its main cities are Tegucigalpa, Comayagua, Siguatepeque and Danlí.

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