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Pacific Coast

The Golf of Fonseca is the natural border of Honduras and hits the Pacific Ocean. It is the region least dominated by the pattern of lowlands, coastal plains and some small islands and keys in the gulf. Its watershed or drainage area, which drains on the Pacific, is small and some of its rivers mark the boundaries with the neighbouring countries.

The southern of Honduras has a rise in production in the past few years, due to a great measure to the flourishing industry of the cultured shrimps. Honduras is, on a Central American level the main producer and exporter of this seafood. Its topography, mainly level plains with mountains of a low profile, conditions the growth of the maritime ecosystems such as the mangrove forests, estuaries, seasonal lagoons and tidewashed lowlands, in addition to the tropical dry forest.

Its climate is dry and hot on the coastal plains and temperate in the highlands. The region is also well connected with a network of roads, which includes the Pan-American Highway. The supply of tourism services is expanding. The main cities are Choluteca, San Lorenzo, Nacaome and Amapala.

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