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Western Honduras

The western part of Honduras was the cradle of the flourishing Maya culture. This region is in the southernmost part of what we know as the Maya world, of which the Ruins at Copán, declared patrimony of humanity by the United Nations Organisation (UNESCO) stand out prominently. Other non-Maya ethnic groups exist besides and still preserves their customs and traditions. The rich historical and colonial heritage, its many villages full of colour and traditions, makes western Honduras one of the sites with the most varied culture in the country.

It is also the most mountainous region. Four impressive mountain ranges, three chains are the sources of the largest rivers that flow down to irrigate and fertile the fruitful and productive valleys. The commercial activities are oriented towards agriculture. Because of its nearness to Guatemala and El Salvador, commerce is also an important element in this development.

The western zone is connected with a good system of main and subsidiary roads, asphalted and in good condition over the greater part of their runs. They link the main cities with the rest of the country and the borders of El Salvador and Guatemala. The main centres of population are Santa Rosa de Copán, La Entrada, Gracias and Ocotepeque.

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