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Natural North Coast

7 days / 6 nights from San Pedro Sula to La Ceiba
guaranteed and daily departures with 2 passengers only

Day 1: San Pedro Sula - Trujillo
In the morning you meet with your guide at the reception of your hotel. Together you transfer along the Caribbean coast to Trujillo. The Honduran north coast is one of the richest regions in popular culture, contemporary history and tropical ecological diversity. It is the region that possesses the greatest agricultural development. Along the way, we see lots of banana plantations located on the banks of the Aguán River. En route we stop at interesting places to stretch. In the afternoon we arrive at the small, sleepy town of Trujillo. Located about three hours from the next urban centre, at the foot of Mounts Capira and Calentura, on a small bluff overlooking a beautiful and expansive bay, Trujillo is far off from the tourist crowds. 2 overnights in Trujillo.

Day 2: Trujillo
Today we discover the rich history of Trujillo, where Columbus set foot for the first time on Central American soil in 1502 on his fourth and last voyage to the New World. Today's Trujillo was founded by Hernan Cortés' command about 20 years later. Under Spanish rule Trujillo became the capital of Honduras, but because of its vulnerability the capital was changed to the inland town of Comayagua. Pirates destroyed Trujillo several times during the seventeenth and eighteenth century. We visit the fortress Fortaleza de Santa Bárbara and the last resting-place of the English pirate William Walker. Afterwards we drive to the nearby Garífuna communities of Santa Fé and Guadalupe.

Day 3: Trujillo - La Ceiba
The morning is left free to relax at the beautiful sandy beach of Trujillo. Later we transfer to La Ceiba. The landscape of the surrounding areas is very impressive: sandy beaches, lagoons and mangrove forests, tropical forests as well as banana and pineapple plantations in the lowlands, behind them densely forested mountains that reach up to more than 2,400 m. La Ceiba is a city of amazing diversity and energy. We take a city tour and visit the Butterfly Museum, a 4,000 square feet enclosure that is filled with butterflies, tropical plants and flowers. More than 10,000 butterflies from all over the world can be seen here. 4 overnights in La Ceiba.

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Day 4: Cuero y Salado Wildlife Reserve
Early in the morning we transfer to La Unión. Here we change our vehicle for a railway car (unless mostly motorized, there are some man powered "burras" or "donkeys" left) to the Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge Visitor's Centre. Then we board a boat, which transports us into the tropical forest, through the various canals, estuaries and mangrove-bordered lagoons of the Salado River as we watch the wildlife. The wetlands and coastline at Cuero y Salado are filled with plant and animal life endangered elsewhere in Honduras. The establishment of the wildlife reserve supported especially the manatee population. Protection measures helped to minimize the hunt of this rare animal. We return to La Ceiba in the afternoon.

Day 5: Pico Bonito National Park
With your guide you drive to the nearby Pico Bonito National Park. Just a few kilometres behind La Ceiba loom the impressive mountains of this national park nearly 2,500 m high. Different trails are prepared to satisfy hikers, but only special and well-equipped expeditions have a chance to reach the Pico Bonito peak. The slopes are dangerous, and the time required for that is about seven days. We go hiking in the lower areas of the park that are covered with dense tropical rainforest and discover the species-rich flora and fauna. Later refresh yourself at one of the numerous waterfalls. In the afternoon we return to La Ceiba.

Day 6: La Ceiba - Río Cangrejal
Today we go River Rafting on the Río Cangrejal class 2 - 3 or 4 rapids. Forming part of the eastern boundary of the Pico Bonito National park, the Río Cangrejal tumbles off the flanks of the jungle-covered mountains through a narrow boulder-strewn valley before reaching the Caribbean at La Ceiba. With lots of drops, waterfalls, and narrow passages, Río Cangrejal is home to some of the best whitewater in Central America. Before the whitewater adventure starts, you receive rafting instruction from the experienced and highly trained guide. We enjoy the beauty of the landscape and return to La Ceiba in the afternoon.

Day 7: La Ceiba - San Pedro Sula / Bay Islands
You are transferred to the La Ceiba - San Pedro Sula direct bus terminal or to the La Ceiba airport to return to San Pedro Sula. Alternatively we recommend an extension of your tour on one of the beautiful Bay Islands. From La Ceiba you reach these Caribbean islands by ferry or with a short flight.


Services Included
6 nights lodging including breakfast
Mesoamerica Travel Guide day 1-3
Local bilingual guide day 4-6
Transfers & entrance fees according to itinerary
19% local taxes
Rates valid until 16.12.2018
Price Per Person
2 persons U$ 1072.--
3 persons U$ 877.-
4 persons U$ 877.-

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