Cusuco National Park by four-wheel drive

2 days / 1 night from/to San Pedro Sula
guaranteed and daily departures with 2 passengers only

Day 1: San Pedro Sula - Cusuco National Park
You meet with your guide at the lobby of your hotel and transfer with a 4x4 vehicle to Buenos Aires, which is a coffee growing community in the damping zone of the Cusuco National Park. This national park lies in the Merendon Mountains of northwest Honduras and ranges from just above sea level to 2,425 m. Cusuco encompasses several major habitats, including pine forest, broadleaf forest and dwarf forest. The park is characterized by exceptional species richness. Some of the globally threatened taxa, which the park protects, are Baird's tapir, montane forest birds, jewel scarab beetles, the globally rare dwarf forest and various amphibian species. In Cusuco we take quarter at the simple but nice "Eco Albergue". Before dinner we explore the surroundings of our accommodation. Overnight at Eco Albergue.

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Day 2: Cusuco National Park - San Pedro Sula
Today we explore the cloud forest of Cusuco and appreciate its magnificent biodiversity. With some luck we may spot the resplendent quetzal, the mystic and holy bird of the Aztecs and Mayans. Other birds that live here are the green toucan and the small hilguero, which is detected by his beautiful and typical song in the morning. A huge diversity of often strange and exotic insects is the food of the many birds. Trying to survive, they evolve new and better forms to hide themselves from the view of their raptors. At the end of the food chain are the huge pumas, jaguars and ocelots, which hunt for coatis and raccoons or agoutis and peccaries. Huge tree ferns - up to 20 meters tall - are typical for Cusuco and give the impression of being in a Jurassic world. The charm of Cusuco does not only come from the nature, but also from the quiet and harmonic life in the 38 surrounding coffee towns. In the afternoon we return to San Pedro Sula.


Services Included
Mesoamérica bilingual guide
Breakfast and entrance fees
1 night lodging at the rustic Eco-Albergue
Transfers in 4x4 vehicle according to itinerary
19% local taxes
Prices valid until 16.12.2018
Price Per Person
2 persons U$ 260.-
3 persons U$ 200.-
4 persons U$ 175.-

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