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Government & Politics:
Despite the eventful decade of the 80´s, when Central America became known with its civil wars in the neighbouring countries, Honduras has always been a peaceful country. Nowadays, all countries got through these times and remain in peace. Tourism is supported as a healthy branch for the country´s industry. Honduras is a Democratic Republic and elections are held every four years. Today the country is ruled by the sixth freely elected democratic government, which is composed of the executive (with the president as its head), the legislature (One-Chamber System) and the judicial power.

Infrastructure & Public Transport:
Honduras has good infrastructure and a good public transport system. Inside the cities most transport is done via buses, smaller microbuses called "rapiditos" and the collective taxis. Normal taxis are also a common and inexpensive way of transportation. It is recommendable however to always negotiate the price before getting into a cab. It should be mentioned that driving rules are often confusing and Hondurans drive defensively, oftentimes not obeying the laws.

It is recommendable to purchase a travel insurance before going to Honduras. Medical expenses are usually not covered by your insurance in your home country. Therefore expenses normally have to be covered by the traveler and will be refunded by the travel insurance later. Don't forget to get a receipt. Travelers also might consider purchasing a travel insurance covering stolen luggage replacement or trip interruption.

Spanish is the official language. On the Bay Islands, former British colonies, English is still widely spread. Additionally, plenty of different local languages and dialects are spoken, for example Garifuna and Miskito.