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Honduras is an exciting, peaceful and friendly country on the verge of touristic discovery. The countries features lush, rainforests and cloud forests, the tropicality of the beaches and islands, colonial attractions, incredible Maya and other Pre-Columbian sites. Hospitality includes luxury hotels in major cities and towns with lodges, beach resorts and cottages in rural or wilderness settings.

Is it possible to create incentive trips to Honduras?

We think so!

Organizers of incentives, conferences and their clients should begin to consider the advantage of offering a new emerging destination when planning their next incentives. Success with the participants is guaranteed by offering them the opportunity to participate in a unique, new travel project which will also be informative and enjoyable. We think that companies should begin to consider the environment, wide range of attractions, even humanitarian issues when deciding upon destinations. They will thereby make their clients (those on incentives trips), having included these types of considerations in their decision, participate in and experience the value of the activity they are going to share.

Incentive Programs - Programs are personalized to your corporate, demographic, budget and time frame. If you are combining your visit to Centralamerica with your business meeting we will help you make all the arrangements to impress your clients and colleagues. We can cater for any size or gathering of delegates and you will be supported by a team of professionals who will work tirelessly to create a successful event. Just outline your requirements and our project manager will take it from there. We offer full destination management services including Conference Organisation, Décor and Theme Development.

Our Service - Our flexibility and service vocation allows us to make any trip possible while maintaining high standards and customer care. We are convinced that good service means more than mechanical efficiency. Little things mean a lot, thoughtful touches are worth their weight in gold. We have structured our company to deliver the best service and value available. Our staff is committed to give you prompt, accurate quotes with complete and readable documentation. Multilingual of course. We are prepared to offer innovative and creative itineraries and packages to assist you in remaining competitive in your market.

Theme Special Attractions - The Bay Islands are perfectly positioned for scuba divers and island seekers. We have a selection of special resorts at the Islands of Roatan and Guanaja. The Ruins of Copan represent the highest artistic and cultural achievement of the ancient Maya civilization. It is special for Mayanists. Explore Honduras' national parks, reserves and wildlife sanctua-ries. Experience personal contact with some of the members of the nine native indigenous groups speaking half a dozen languages.