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Mesoamérica Travel S.A.

Colonia Juan Lindo, N.O.

32 Avenida, 8 Calle, #709

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

(+504) 2558-6447

1. Terms of contract

With the acceptance of your booking in writing, by phone, e-mail or personally, an official contract between You, hereinafter called „the client" and Mesoamérica Travel S.A, San Pedro Sula, Honduras hereinafter called MT, becomes effective.

2. Bookings

2.1 - To guarantee all services, MT suggest you make reservations as early as possible.

2.2 - Name and age of the passengers, due to the conditions of some of the tours should be included. Spelling of names is particularly important. Names and travel documents should always match those shown in passport.

2.3 - Travellers must present to MT the voucher that shows the services to supply.

3. Rates and payments

3.1 - All rates are net and given in US Dollars (US$).

3.2 - You will receive a confirmation invoice for the total of your booking.

3.3 - The total cost of the invoice must be paid and confirmed in our account 30 days before tour departure.

3.4 - To guarantee a reservation, a deposit of 25% must be paid upon receiving the invoice.

3.5 - For bookings less than 30 days before tour departure, payment is due immediately upon receipt of MT’s confirmation invoice.

3.6 - Invoice amounts less than 250 US$ are subject to a 25 US$ handling fee.

3.7 - The rates are subject to change without previous notice due to surcharges on the following items: government action, taxes, and increase in domestic scheduled airfares.

3.8 - MT reserves the right to cancel all services, if payments are not met on time.

4. Cancellations and refunds

4.1. - Any client who wishes to cancel his contract must do so in writing. Unless stated different in MT’s confirmation, the following fees or percentages will be charged based on the date of receipt in writing:

4.2 - Cancellations made 30 days or more before departure of the tour are subject to pay 25% of the total invoice balance with a minimum of US$50 per person surcharge.

4.3 - Cancellations made between 29 to 14 days before departure of the tour are subject to pay 50% of the total invoice balance with a minimum of US$100 per person surcharge.

4.4 - Cancellations made between 13 to 7 days before departure of the tour are subject to pay 50% of the total invoice balance with a minimum of US$150 per person surcharge.

4.5 - Cancellations made less than 7 days before departure of the tour or failure to arrive at departure city will not receive any reimbursement.

5. Transportation

5.1. - MT provides compact vehicles, small buses and coasters for up to 20 passengers. For security reasons and due to road conditions when needed, transportation will be done in 4x4 vehicles.

5.2 - All air-transfers will be done on local airlines.

6. Equipment

6.1 - MT will provide the basic gear for National Park tours, such as sleeping pads, lamps, mosquito nets, blankets and sheets, purified water and a first aid kit.

6.2 - MT does not have restrictions for travellers who want to bring their own equipment.

6.3 - The tour guide will inform about details corresponding to the tour to be undertaken.

7. Responsibilities of MT

7.1 - As an experienced incoming Tour operator MT guarantees a careful selection of companies and persons involved in the itineraries.

7.2 - MT does not accept liability in the following cases: airline cancellations or delays, inconveniences due to natural phenomena, personal problems, accidents and sickness of the passengers or loss of personal property.

7.3 - MT reserves the right to refuse any booking from prospective passengers whom MT considers unsuitable for the type of tour to be undertaken.

7.4 - MT reserves the right to cancel its services when the security of the passengers is in danger.

8. Arbitration

8.1 - Should it not be possible to execute a tour for any circumstances out of control, MT will present an option in order to maintain the character and duration of the promised tour.

8.2 - For any complaint related to the trip, hotel, guide or another service in particular, please inform your passengers to bring it to the attention of the tour leader or the MT office. The majority of the situations can be solved on the ground and during the tour.

8.3 - If the problem remains unresolved, the passenger must present his reasons for complaint by writing at latest 14 days after the termination of the tour.

9. Recommendations

MT highly recommend to each passenger to bring personal insurances.

10. Documents, vaccination, visa

10.1 - It is the responsibility of the client to take care about vaccination and visa regulations. MT cannot be held responsible for refusal of visas.

10.2 - If MT assists in obtaining visas a fee of $50 US$ per passenger must be paid up front. This fee will be refunded if visas are obtained. If MT fails to obtain visas for a client this fee is kept to cover administration costs.

11. Legal conditions

Present law in Honduras applies to any case of legal dispute. Place of jurisdiction is in San Pedro Sula, Honduras C.A.

Edition: January 2009

General Terms and Conditions